World Hepatitis Day (en)

Following World Hepatitis Day 2015 Bénin Santé has founded together with ist Partner organizations  Autre Vie, Societé béninoise des hépato-gastroenterologues, Point focal de la lutte contre les hépatites und Clinique les Archanges an alliance against Hepatitis (ABOSCHVi = Alliance Béninoise des Organisation de la Société Civile contre les Hépatites Virales).

ABOSCHVi has organized the following actions for World Hepatitis Day 2016 :

  1. Information campaigns for politicians (government, parliament and local politics) and the Population in every region of Benin
  2. Screenings concerning Hepatitis C
  3. Conferences in Cotonou and other towns

Bénin Santé has futhermore sponsorized 20 checks for screenings and vaccinations.

Bénin Santé has organised the following actions against hepatitis together with its partner organisations   Autre Vie, Societé béninoise des hépato-gastroénterologues, Point focal de la lutte contre les hépatites et Clinique les Archanges  for World Hepatitis Day 2015:


Conference in Cotonou – the Ministre of Health and a representant of the WHO being present



– March against Hepatitis B in Porto Novo

– Presentation of a pladoyer against Hepatitis to representants of the Parliament

– Screenings against Hepatitis B for  50 adults et 10 children



Presentation of actions against Hepatitis and the pladoyer to the cabinet of the Minstry of Health


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