Bénin Santé is a purely voluntary association. Its aim is to support or improve the health situation of vulnerable persons, in particular children and young people in West Africa, in particular in the Republic of Benin.
Specifically, we focus on the following areas:

  • Offering operations free or at low cost to needy populations
    • As part of the “Doctors for Bénin” project, operations are carried out annually by European doctors, so far primarily operations such as hernia operations, hemorrhoids, etc.
    • In emergencies, Bénin Santé finances operations such as appendix, eye operations, the removal of a plate after a complicated fracture, etc. on request and after the financial situation of the patient has been controlled.
  • Engagement against certain non-communicable diseases such as colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity in children (especially in urban areas)
  • Engagement against hepatitis, especially chronic hepatitis B and C and their consequences. The project “Together against B” has been the most important project of the association since 2014. The WHO expressly welcomed Bénin Santé’s work against hepatitis. In the meantime, it has been possible to achieve, together with local partner organizations, that the Republic of Bénin
    • covers the costs for the treatment of hepatitis patients as part of a state funded program
    • since summer 2020 children have been vaccinated against hepatitis B immediately after birth, financed by the Republic of Bénin