Together against Hepatitis B
The effort against viral hepatitis B is the primary focus of Bénin Santé since 2014/15. Included are also basical actions against other types of viral hepatitis, especially viral hepatitis C.

The project is appreciated by the WHO.


The hepatitis B virus is one of the most dangerous and contagious viruses in the world.

About 8% of the population of Benin suffers from chronic hepatitis, that is about 765,000 to 800,000 people. About 240,000 chronically ill patients develop a cirrhosis of the liver, more than 50,000 of them go on to liver cancer.

Due to the lack of medical care for the population, the disease is usually only detected in the final stage. Many young Beninese therefore die due to the effects of a hepatitis B infection. .



Effort against viral Hepatitis B

Due to the fact that the number of infections is rising rapidly, Bénin Santé is currently particularly active against hepatitis B. The primary target group are students from 12 to 19. Bénin Santé reaches thus an important part of the population. The following actions are set:

  1. information campaigns on the risks and prevention measures against hepatitis B, especially in schools, but also in markets or other public places, as well as specifically for pregnant women and medical personnel
  2. creenings, primarily in conjucntion with information campaigns
  3. vaccinations, also in conjunction with information campaigns
  4. treatments of people who could not afford them otherwise
  5. periodic monitoring of infected people who could not pay for these controls